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We are an owner-operated boutique catering & events company dedicated to the high-quality products of local food producers. Formerly known as Local Harvest Catering, our love is for local & organic food: the growers, the artisan producers, the dedicated consumers. This simple tenet is a hardy root which has many and diverse branches: it means our food is fresher, seasonal, and best-tasting; it means we have a dedicated staff whom we pay a living wage; it means support for other small local businesses; it means dollars you spend with us stay in our local economy. Our farmers and artisan producers employ the highest standards of food production: local sourcing of product & labor; organic & biodynamic farming; free-range livestock free of added hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.

Our food is not only delicious but presented beautifully--carefully arranged by our staff and served with gratitude. Our event displays marry upcycled vintage china, wooden crates, & silver plated trays with live botanical arrangements to create a stunning platform for our fine ingredients & recipes. Our to-go menus are equally attended to: composed with intention, artfully garnished, and served on recyclable or compostable platters. We limit the extreme waste of event catering by composting and recycling at home & off-site, often leaving events with less than one bag of landfill waste. We seek to serve well: both our customers & their guests, our community & our planet. 

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